The popularity and variety of The Writer’s Notebook authors can set the stage for creative marketing and promotional activities. Our plan is to make this an active page where we’ll share ideas that worked. Here are some concepts to help you get started:

Advertising sponsorship

The Writer’s Notebook offers local advertisers a fun, unique opportunity to tie-in with engaging content from popular writers who are usually only accessible in national media. The general nature of these essays opens it up to many categories of advertisers, and an ongoing sponsorship will provide a high-quality and high-visibility connection that’s sure to yield positive results in the marketplace. (If you’d like help developing advertising sales materials, let us know.)

Subscription Campaigns

The name recognition and established popularity of these bestselling authors offer an appealing value-added opportunity that can help attract potential subscribers. Plus they’ll remind current subscribers that you care about bringing them high quality, engaging content that meets their interests through a reading experience unique to local newspapers.

Social Media

Essays by these eye-catching authors are sure to gain a following. You’ll know who the next author on the schedule is, but your readers won’t. Have some fun on Facebook or Twitter with the “mystery” of the next writer. Engage your audience by offering a series of clues or create contests that can help support an active community.

Local libraries

Consider working with your local library to feature books by participating authors along with a link to The Writer’s Notebook through their website. Librarians can copy each column, crediting your newspaper, for display at the front desk or on a table with each author’s books. Ask them to alert their patrons to the next column publication date and direct people to your social media contests, etc.

Local booksellers

If there’s a bookstore nearby, ask them to sponsor The Writer’s Notebook. It’s a natural fit and an opportunity to develop advertising that relates to and/or expands upon the essays, such as a description of the author’s latest book. Or a bookstore may choose to support “The Writer’s Notebook” through in-store displays and perhaps a link for readers on their website. There’s lot of potential for coordinated promotions that will attract readers and demonstrate your newspaper’s commitment to reading in general.

Use these essays as a foundation for more book-related online content.

The Writer’s Notebook regular presence in your newspaper can help you become a “go to” place for book-related news and activities in general. These can offer additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities to expand revenue related to the essays.

1. Create a “What We’re Reading” list in conjunction with the library or local bookseller and feature it along with the essays.

2. Connect readers to author websites for more information, upcoming appearances, etc.

3. Add an online book trivia contest tied to each essay. Or sponsor a team event night tied to a local charity.

4. Set up your own local “book club” and video stream a discussion. Pair an editor and/or reporter with a bookstore owner and/or librarian and perhaps some local readers to discuss a favorite author’s book.

5. Work with a local school to develop an “everyday life” themed essay contest or sponsor a Literacy Day featuring author essays from your pages.

6. Start a local column featuring essays by authors in your community. Organize a local book fair to feature these authors and promote reading in general.